Diana Rentera

Diana Renteria, Salinas In 20 Years

Date grant awarded: 2/8/2017

“Salinas in Twenty-Years” is a portable mural made by students at Roosevelt Elementary. Diana Renteria is the coordinator who is bringing together the students ideas onto one big collaboration. Diana Renteria, tutors at the elementary school everyday and saw the need for art in the students. Being that she is an artist herself, she wants to give students the ability of self-expression through art. This is what encouraged her to apply for the grant.

For the reason, that when she was their age, her artistic designs were oppressed. She wants students to know that art is just as important as other subjects taught in school. “Salinas in Twenty-Years” will exemplify what the students invision their city to be like in 20 years. She truly believes that these students hold what the future will bring and having their ideas of the future will become real.