Dennis Okoyo, Using Young Women’s Talents in Environmental Conservation in the Mumias Sugar Belt

Dennis_OkoyoDennis Okoyo has been a communication educator in environmental management in Kenya for over twenty years. Through this work, he has been a champion for sustainable land use and promoting indigenous tree species and food crops. With this passion, Dennis has been inspired to work with young women in the community to start a nursery that will provide community education and fruit production of avocados, passion fruit, paw-paws and more.

Women in these rural communities are generally responsible for locating fuel wood for cooking and therefore play a key role in cutting down trees. Dennis’ belief that “women can play crucial rolls in environmental conservation” is seen by his commitment to the business success of the women involved in the program. These women will be trained on tree seedling development, record keeping, and basic business management.

Funds from The Pollination Project will be used to cover the costs of training facilitators and start-up costs for the tree seeds.