DeJuana & CJ Golden, Special Shades of Color

DeJuana Golden is an African American mother raising CJ, her son with a dual diagnosis of Down Syndrome and autism. Prior to his birth, she was unaware that CJ had a disability so once he was born it was a whirlwind.  As a way to share about her experience raising him, DeJuana started a video blog with short, informative and comforting peeks into their daily life. This video blog (and eventually, resources DeJuana hopes to share via an online database and other supportive tools for families with children with special needs)  is an accessible and user friendly resource for other parents and families.

Special Shades of Color gives parents a sense of empowerment and education when it comes to embarking on the new journey of raising a child with a disability. It will inspire parents to be more knowledgeable and proactive in raising their child with special needs. This population of children will gain access to resources earlier, which will ultimately affect their development in a positive way.

DeJuana explains, “A lot of parents either feel lost in the maze of the special education/disability world or think that resources are out of reach or too expensive. Parents often don’t see everyday families with accessibility to the best in resources. I aim to make every family, no matter ethnic background or economic status aware of what is out there for their special little one.”

Pollination Project funds will be used for the marketing and further distribution of the Special Shades of Color video blogs.