Deborah (Coach C) Cuny, Glenview Elementary Schools Social-Emotional Anti-Bullying Sports Clinics

Date grant awarded: 1/21/2017

Glenview Elementary is organizing Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Sports Clinics for 2016-2017. An anti-bullying prevention program, SEL Sports Clinics are a fun and active way to: Cultivate youth leadership, Teach the toolkit (, Strengthen relationships and friendships, Prevent bullying and aggressive behaviors through peer interactions, increase physical activity and wellness, and support academic development…while having a ton of fun. The PE Coach and the Social-Emotional Restorative Justice Coach have joined forces to co-lead the sports clinics, which run in six-week cycles. The clinics involve 8, 4/5th grade coaches who pair up to co-lead 4 teams consisting of 16-20, 2nd & 3rd graders. The student coaches run drills, teach rules, and develop SEL skills (one-skill a week!) such as sportsmanship and how to work together as a team. The final day of the clinic is “Game Day” where students have the opportunity to put their skills into play! The student coaches help shape the curriculum, debriefing the previous week’s practice time and using what they learned from earlier experiences to make the clinic more efficient in the future.