David Omondi, Girls for Girls Digital Skills Project

After graduating from college in medical biochemistry and public health, David Omondi decided to use his education and passion back home. He returned to Kisumu, Kenya’s Obunga slum and founded Akili Library. He is just now kicking off its newest program — Girls for Girls Digital Skills Project.

“I believe that young people can change their communities and solve the many social problems including unemployment in our country which is now at 40 percent,” he said. “I am driven by an innate desire to create sustainable change in my community and see girls and women empowered.”

The new program will digitally connect the girls of Obunga with students at the Columbus School for Girls in Ohio, providing interactive lessons on health, sanitation, math and art. Columbus students make the lessons with youth-friendly programming software, which the students at Akili Library can then explore and use to make their own simulations and games.

For more information on David, the Akili Library and Girls for Girls Digital Skills Project, visit their website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 16, 2014