Daisy Ozim, 13th Goddess

Daisy Ozim is a participant of the Impact Hub Youth Fellowship Program in Oakland, CA, and the founder of the 13th Goddess project.

Daisy approaches life with a positive attitude full of compassion for others and joy. For the past few years she has been running Resilient Wellness, an Oakland-based organization she created whose mission is to connect individuals with access to the prophylactic and holistic health resources they need to live a healthy, active, and long life and connects communities dealing with multigenerational trauma with health education and holistic health options

Resilient Wellness has a symbiotic relationship with Daisy’s new 13th Goddess project. The project will divert waste from landfills in order to create fashionable shoes for women from recycled materials. 13th Goddess will simultaneously have a positive environmental and social impact, providing consumers with ethically made fashion that will fund Resilient Wellness’ programs.

For more information, please visit either Resilient Wellness’ website or Daisy’s Instagram page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 9, 2015