Cynthia Frame-Endres, Household Battery Recycling

Every year millions of household batteries are sent to landfills in the State of New York. There are no single-use battery recycling facilities in the entire State.

After years of frustration over the lack of a recycling program, Cynthia Frame-Endres decided to take action. Cynthia has become an integral community organizer for battery recycling, lobbying New York State Senators and joining numerous activist organizations and state action committees.

Through her Household Battery Recycling program, Cynthia aims to educate community members while developing a model program for an environmentally sustainable method for recycling single-use batteries.

Over the next 12 months, Cynthia will hold 10-15 community meetings at locations throughout Erie County, NY where she will talk with educators, museum staff, scout groups, environmental activists, town leaders and residents. At each location she plans to provide household battery recycling bins, while recruiting members for a coalition of concerned citizens.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 29, 2015