Cristal Banagan, The Literacy at Home Project

Cristal Banagan volunteers at Verde Elementary School, a school in the historically low income and under-served community of Richmond, CA. In working with community groups and the school toward an environment that promotes literacy, she discovered extremely delinquent literacy rates at the school. She and her husband started the Learning Out Loud Educational Community (LOL Educational Community) with the goal of promoting education and social justice in historically under-served communities like Richmond.

They are now providing the families at the school with Literacy at Home project, which aims to develop and reinforce Verde Elementary students’ literacy skills. They offer a series of monthly workshops that provide parents and their children with the knowledge and resources for promoting literacy outside of school hours. The workshops include tips, strategies and books to support families in working with their children, while also giving parents and children a safe space to socialize and combat this issue together. The program is also committed to bi-lingual education and uses a translator for Spanish-speaking families, as well as bi-lingual books for families’ to take home.

Cristal states, “I know that education is the key that unlocks the future, and I want that for every person.”

Funding provided by the Pollination Project will be used to purchase bi-lingual and high interest English books as well as materials for the workshops.

For more information, please visit the Learning Out Loud Community’s Facebook Twitter or website.

GRANT AWARD DATE: February 18, 2015