Corey Wrenn, Vegan Feminist Network Expansion

Corey Wrenn views  compassion as a core value for social justice campaigning, with accessible education being fundamental to spreading this value. Her beliefs led her to create Vegan Feminist Network (VFN) to foster an increase in compassion, as well as to highlight women’s issues in relation to anti-speciesism.

The VFN website and social media page offers free educational resources to increase compassion, and encourages the audience to think critically about their social world in a way that encompasses the experiences of all who are touched by oppression. Corey has structured VFN to act as a gateway for interested parties to explore social justice projects and educational materials hosted by various authors and organizations.

The Pollination Project grant will allow Corey and VFN to continue volunteer-based authorship of essays and resources, provide regular daily updates on current events, increase coverage of various topics in intersectionality, provide educational materials that can be printed out for distribution in advocacy events, and help pay in advance for several years of web hosting, allowing for a  significant saving in web-hosting fees. 

For more information visit their Website and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: August 13, 2015