Consuelo Conu - Ritmo y Sabor

Consuelo Conu, Susana, Claudia, Hugo – Ritmo y Sabor

In San Rafael, Santander de Quilichao, Colombia it is known that young people need to occupy their time in activities that keep them busy, and at the same time, creating cultural conditions of commitment with the ethnic group that resides in the region. Consuelo Conu, Susana Oronda, Claudia Peña, Césare Cruciani, Ana Rita Rodriguez, Angélica Mezú, Julio César Mezú, and Hugo Rodriguez are aiming to achieve this through their initiative Ritmo y Sabor.

The purpose of the project is the acquisition of traditional dance dresses and musical instruments for the preservation of the dance and musical ancestral customs of the African-descendant ethnicity by bringing together members of our community. Their motivation lies in the fact that the cultural and artistic roots of their African-descendant ethnic group are being lost in the community, and that these traits must be maintained throughout history.

The importance of this project is to leave a cultural legacy in the Afro-descendant community where they reside. With a TPP grant, they will be able to provide traditional dance dresses and musical instruments appropriate to dancers and musicians group.