Group of women standing in from of The Concern 4 Widows Rights banner

Concern 4 Widows Rights – To protect the inheritance rights of Widows and orphans

Date grant awarded: 01/19/2018

James Koroma is the founder of Concern 4 Widows Rights, a community based organization working in western rural and portloko districts in Sierra Leone to help raise awareness of the plight of widows and orphans in the region. Facing disinheritance after the loss of their husbands, widows are often forgotten and their voices are not heard. Concern 4 Widows Rights believes that this must change, and works to help give widows a platform for their voices, and to help empower them to know and use their rights to challenge disinheritance and dispossession. The project will involve training on laws that protect their inheritance, and also train some widowed women to become paralegals to enable them to then advocate on behalf of others facing similar situations.