Colectiva Yomo Ijtkuy - HechA en Chiapas

Colectiva Yomo Ijtkuy – HechA en Chiapas

Date grant awarded: April 17, 2018

HechA en Chiapas is an online store that responds to the need to improve the quality of life of all the people who make up the project: producers and distributors of Los Altos and the jungle zone of Chiapas. The main objective is to communicate the problems that affect, above all, the indigenous women of Chiapas, promoting a direct interaction with non-indigenous people of Mexico who, through the purchase of products made by these women, contribute to decrease their economic marginalization and invisibility in which they usually exist, through weaving this economy.

As secondary objective, is to contribute to peer education in order to mainstream issues among the participating groups, such as feminist economics, sustainability and fair trade.