Clotilda Andiensa and Ngoran Christerbel, Improving Sexual Reproductive Health Knowledge Among Teenagers in Bamenda 111 Sub-Division

Clotilda Andiensa’s “Improving sexual reproductive health knowledge among teenagers” project in Bamenda III Sub-Division in Cameroon, is an urgent and strategic school based intervention targeting adolescent youth with well tailored comprehensive information on sexual and reproductive health. The prevalence of unwanted pregnancies among school girls is on the rise in schools in Cameroon. 5.7% school girls get pregnant at the age of 15-19. Contraceptive usage among adolescent is 12.2%, Adolescents are still ignorant of sexual and reproductive health topics. Male teachers also use marks as baits for female students and coerce girls into sexual activities. This project is equipping young women with modern methods of preventing unintended pregnancies and the spread of HIV/AIDS and other related diseases among youths. It is reaching out to teenage girls with safe sex practices, negotiation skills and the use of contraceptives.It raises awareness on the negative effects of sexual exploitation, multiple partners, cross generational sex, child marriage, obnoxious customs and traditional beliefs that contribute to preventing young girls from unleashing their full potentials.