Chuck Chuan Ng, Malaysian Youth Heroes: Brownfield Phytoremediation 2016-06-16T11:22:51+00:00
Chuck and his team of youth sitting in front of a contaminated pond/Brownfield site.

Chuck Chuan Ng, Malaysian Youth Heroes: Brownfield Phytoremediation

Malaysia is a country often identified by its unique architecture and clear water, and white sandy beaches that border the South China Sea. What you may not realize is that nearly all of the Brownfield sites in the country, areas identified as contaminated or derelict, are highly contaminated by trace metals derived from transport systems, industrial sites and domestic use from the past and present day. Chuck Chuan Ng is working towards addressing these issues in Kuala Lumpur with his Malaysian Youth Heroes: Brownfield Phytoremediation project.

Chuck involves both interactive and hands-on environmental learning experiences to train young Malaysian youth to better understand the scientific reasoning to rehabilitate these contaminated sites. This project uses the sophisticated green technology of phytoremediation by planting Vetiver grass. Chuck will work with a group of energetic and passionate eco-loving youth aged between sixteen and twenty-eight years to plant Vetiver, known as a tangible green technology solution on contaminated land. The training conducted will include community building, task allocation, environmental restoration projects and community service projects.

The Malaysian Youth Heroes operate on the foundation of promoting youth in environmental conservation projects, providing hands-on experiences in addressing environmentally friendly solutions and developing rehabilitation projects that increase land restoration.

A seed grant will allow for transportation to be secured so as to allow participants to visit the project sites and for equipment to be secured, including plants, organic fertilizers, gloves and spades.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  December 5, 2015

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