Christine Calderon - A & C Foundation

Christine Calderon, Anthony Caruso – A & C Foundation

Christine and Anthony Caruso are the founders of the non-profit startup, the A&C Foundation, located in Los Angeles, California. Their mission is to sponsor low income children in East Los Angeles to enroll in local sports leagues, fitness programs, and music/arts programs to discover their passion, develop their skills, and thrive in their community. East Los Angeles is known for gang activity and heinous crimes, yet there are hardworking families that live in these areas with children who barely make ends meet. Poverty and crime should not be a disabling factor for children to experience positive recreational activities that stimulates their creativity and sportsmanship capabilities.

The A&C Foundation partners with schools, leagues, music programs and other non-profits in their community to provide needs assessment, as well as enhance and empower organizations that directly provide services and tell their community’s story. The Pollination Project grant will be go towards filing fees for the 501c3.