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Chispa Compost & community ally AlterEco – Chispa Compost

Chispa Compost is a triple impact organization in Coquimbo, Chile dedicated to sparking environmental consciousness through community composting! We work with our community ally Alter-Eco to promote a sustainable culture. Other collaborations between local businesses and farmers market vendors allow for the creation of 100% organic compost. The heart of our project is to create school gardens in local elementary schools to enrich environmental education.

By offering organic recycling services this grassroot organization, challenges the notorious landfill culture that drives the +100 microlandfills in Coquimbo’s urban area, economic losses associated with landfills, and the agrochemical food system that plagues our societies health. We at Chispa aim to implement sustainable energies such as solar energy, electromobility, and a fogcatcher system to close the nutrient cycle and transform trash into life!