Fighting rural poverty, through sustainable market Gardening

Chiaga Eric, Thefa Mirabel, Vugar Chris – Fighting rural poverty, through sustainable market Gardening

My project empowers small holder farmers, particularly vulnerable poor women and unemployed youth in rural communities, through capacity building and startup support in sustainable organic farming and agro forestry technologies to boost soil fertility, improve household nutrition, and increase family income levels. My work seeks to address the high rate of malnutrition, unemployment, and poverty, all of which Cameroonian vulnerable women and youth experience. These challenges continue to have serious devastating impact, especially in remote villages where the locals are disconnected from development opportunities. This project promotes the socioeconomic empowerment of the marginalized poor rural, through sustainable livelihood training and support in market gardening, as to boast nutrition and their income levels. Market gardening is a viable micro-economic enterprise which pays for itself in the first year, provides health and nutritional benefits and is a practical insurance against poverty and local unemployment in Cameroon.

The $1000 seed grant award was of prime importance as it gave the space to empower 20 vulnerable poor women and youths in sustainable market gardening and agroforestry farming systems though capacity building trainings. Through this seed grant, the 20 beneficiaries were provided with high yielding seeds varieties, farm inputs, and basic equipment. As a result, 20 individual gardens were created and successfully followed up.Eric and his team are committed to empowering small scale farmers in rural communities, particularly the vulnerable poor by teaching best farming practices for improve crop yields while building sustainable soils and promoting the socioeconomic empowerment of vulnerable women and youths through sustainable livelihood support schemes. This impact grant will enable the team to empower 40 additional vulnerable poor women and unemployed youths selected from households in three communities. They shall be provided with improved farming skills and supported in organic vegetable/fruit cultivation as means to boost their family nutrition and generate extra income.

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