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Community members sit behind a registration table.

Charles Kabira, Lari Ushirikiano Diabetic Welfare

In Lari, Kenya, Charles Kabira is working towards creating an open venue for diabetics to receive their medication through his Lari Ushirikiano Diabetic Welfare project. The Lari Ushirikiano group is a community-based organization that has united eighty elderly, diabetic patients. The organization recognizes the power and damaging effects that chronic illness can have on ones life, their household and their family. The economic impacts of chronic illness ultimately incur in higher health care costs, lost productivity, disability and death. Charles saw this as an opportunity to help the members in subsidizing their medicinal costs and spend their money in maintaining a balanced diet and taking care of themselves.

With funds from The Pollination Project, Lari Ushirikiano will be able to purchase a miller, which will give the group members means to a balanced diet at a reduced cost while producing flour to be sold. The profits will in turn be used to pay a local pharmacy that will supply medicine at a wholesale cost to the patients.  The group shares a common vision and solution, which is likely to impact many people.


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