Casey Tinsely, Village Hill Artz Program

Date grant awarded: July 21, 2016

Our imaginations are stimulated by the arts, and it’s imagination that inspires us to innovate, to search for new solutions, and to dream of new ideas that will advance our ourselves and our communities. Children exposed to the arts participate more frequently in civic activities such as community volunteering; test scores rise in non-arts subjects; truancy rates decline; and school attendance increases. But, despite this research, access to arts education for students has steadily declined throughout the U.S. This leaves schools in low income communities at a particular disadvantage, as arts education is often the first thing to be cut when budgets are tight.

As a young girl Casey Tinsley struggled to find herself, and had little inspiration until she found art and found her voice.  Now, as an adult, Casey has dedicated her life to making a positive impact in low income and inner city communities by promoting self expression and empowerment through art education. Casey has connected with several schools in the Long Beach/Los Angeles area to provide children with the opportunity to use art to connect with their inner selves, and to bring their gifts and talents out while creating their own beautiful masterpiece.

The Village Hill Artz Program encourages and promotes a safe and therapeutic environment for children to express themselves through various forms of art, and is contributing to a new generation of imaginative, versatile, and empathetic leaders. Through free weekly workshops they are introduced to working with clay, painting, drawing, and other mediums, and the curriculum also includes various therapeutic techniques including talk therapy. Stay tuned because Village Hill Artz will be expanding to a community near you!

Casey Tinsley and Village Hill Artz Program will receive a flow fund grant via Youth Leadership Hub Team Leader Jamila Banks to help provide the supplies and materials needed to operate the project.