Carrie Ruddick and John Amelchenko, New Art Syndicate - N.A.S. Art Library

Carrie Ruddick and John Amelchenko, New Art Syndicate – Library

Date grant awarded: 09/24/2017

Carrie Ruddick and John Amelchenko are the founders of New Art Syndicate (N.A.S.), a nonprofit collective whose mission is to advocate for engaging works of art, solicit intersectional conversation and seek useful ways to ally with communities.

The N.A.S. Art Library is a month-long program for the community of Asbury Park, NJ—a city undergoing a rapid, but divided, redevelopment. The purpose of the program is to exist as an accessible, educational and creative space to make, interact and learn without concerns for age, social and economic class or race. It seeks specifically to fill the void of after school programming for youth.

The art library is the culmination of an interactive visual installation with art materials for both reading and making, and there are opportunities for youth participation through internships. At the end of the month, the library will be broken down into mobile units that will be disbursed into other spaces throughout town for continued enjoyment.