The Urban Production Farm

Foster youth typically experience “environmental stress,” and are forgotten, cast away, and searching for meaning. After aging out at 18, many foster youth have few life skills and no real direction.

On average, there are 450 young adults who age out of the state of Wisconsin each year. Less than half finish high school and more than half end up homeless. Yet, there is an above 90% success rate in teens attending after school arts programs not only graduating high school, but going on to college and holding down employment.

The Urban Production Farm is an after school program in downtown Green Bay Wisconsin for teens in the foster care system. The program allows the teens to  to work on making a rooftop garden. They design and construct garden boxes, a rain catching watering system, and they are learning about all different plants, vegetables, herbs and the care and importance of helping something grow. The project will also translate into youth learning important life skills. Aside from gardening, they will also learn about independent filmmaking and will be able to create their own home gardens show based on their rooftop experience. Their goal is to run this first year of the program as a pilot/promotion and first year long program is going to end up as one big promotional video on Public Access.

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GRANT AWARD DATE: December 14, 2015