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Carolyn Bailey, ARZone (Animal Rights Zone)

Carolyn Bailey, ARZone (Animal Rights Zone)

Believing that effective advocacy on the behalf of other animals is both fundamental and vital to a peaceful and sustainable world, Animal Rights Zone brings to the global animal advocacy movement the wisdom and experience of today’s most dedicated activists, leaders, grassroots members, and educators. The all volunteer ARZone team creates and distributes, at no cost, high quality audio and video podcast interviews, book reviews, in-depth analysis, and current events.

They currently produce bi-weekly audio podcasts, conducted via Skype, published on their website as well as through Apple iTunes. Pollination Project funding will allow ARZone to upgrade its technology to enable the production of higher quality audio podcasts, and give them the ability to interview multiple guests at once (to enable “roundtable” discussions with up to 15 guests), and the eventual addition of video podcasts.


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