Victoria Bastidas, The Community Garden at Camel’s Hump Farm2016-06-16T11:24:34+00:00

Victoria Bastidas, The Community Garden at Camel’s Hump Farm

The community garden at Camel’s Hump Farm is an educational, sustainable, adaptive reuse of farmland located in the city of Bethlehem where 49.9% of the students receive reduced or free lunch, indicating that they are at or below poverty line. Victoria Bastidas and volunteers are building a two acre community garden along with a community kitchen, and will provide advice on growing food to the local community. They will also work with local schools to teach children about nutrition and health and wellness through hands-on food production and preparation.

For more information about Camel’s Hump Farm, visit their website and Facebook.

GRANT AWARD DATE: January 1, 2016

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