Peace Monitors Consortium

By Peace Monitors Consortium – Tufunze Tujue Project for young mothers and women.

Date grant awarded: November 8, 2018

Young mothers and women in Kwale County, Kenya face many difficulties in life. High poverty rates result from high illiteracy levels in the region. In order to make ends meet, young mothers and women are forced to engage in unlawful acts which have contributed to their insecurity. This inspired the Peace Monitors Consortium to come up with the Tufunze Tujue project.

Tufunze Tujue is a Computer Literacy Project that empowers young mothers and girls with basic computer literacy skills that help them access information, engage in online business, and communicate through different online platforms. These skills will enable young mothers and girls to be more competitive and to find new solutions to challenges they face every day through the use of computers. This is very important, particularly now that everything is going digital in Kenya.