Brooke Pillifant - Veteran's Voice Project

Brooke Pillifant – Veteran’s Voice Project

The Veteran’s Voice Project is an initiative created by Brooke Pillifant and Jacey Baxter through Down South Word of Mouth, a storytelling not-for-profit in Central Texas. Brooke and Jacey are two Master’s-level social science scholars and experienced storytellers dedicated to promoting personal growth, social justice, and community connection. They facilitate storytelling classes to provide support for veteran’s who are currently incarcerated. These storytelling classes allow for the processing of previous traumas, which often times have led participants to seek symptom relief in addictive substances.

The Veteran’s Voice Project promotes self-understanding, self-acceptance, and group cohesion, while live events provide community engagement opportunities for participants to share their completed narratives based on experiences of enlistment, service, and civilian life for an audience.