Brandie Skorker, Anti-Racist Vegan Award Winner

Brandie Skorker is an avid vegan, LGBTQ, and social justice activist in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently working as the Community Engagement Coordinator at VINE Sanctuary, an organization conducting research and education on factory farming and veganism while providing refuge to rescued animals.

In her work at VINE, Brandie demonstrates a commitment to upholding and promoting vegan lifestyles, animal compassion, and social justice by consistently striving to bridge the gap between animal rights and structurally-related issues in LGBTQ communities and communities of color. During her tenure at VINE, she has organized and hosted speaking events and workshops, authored blogs and articles, and spoken at numerous national conferences on the intersection of race, gender, sexuality, and veganism.

Most recently Brandie was awarded the Sistah Vegan Conference 2015 Anti-Racist Changemaker of the Year award, and she has been deeply involved in the #BlackLivesMatter movement, sharing updates from the protests and helping to communicate the issues to white vegans.

With the funding she receives from The Pollination Project’s Flow Fund grant, Brandie will continue her courageous work creating more safe spaces for LGBTQ and people of color within the vegan movement.

For more information, please visit VINE’s news page or Brandie’s WordPress site.

GRANT AWARD DATE: June 21, 2015