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Blessings Kanyangale – Rumphi Bicycle Operations HIV/AIDS and Sexual Harassment

“I got the idea to embarked on HIV/ AIDS awareness project one day when I was picked by one of the bicycles taxi operators who openly celebrated his sexual encounters with multiple female customers especially during the night. Upon further enquirers, I later on realized that this bicycle taxi operator had limited knowledge of HIV and AIDS.” Blessings Kanyangale quickly realized that there were many more operators that were offering their services with sex whenever female clients were willing to pay in kind. She got interested in the issue and went on to find out more information from other bicycles taxi operators, where the findings were not different and a majority of the operators were engaging in this behavior. Considering the fact that this practice was so common, there is also a greater potential that such bicycle operators may sexually harass female clients. This is where this particular project’s passion was born from.

This project will help mainly in raising awareness to this group of people – male taxi drivers. It will help in reducing the incidence rate around the urban area of Rumphi. Lastly it will help in promoting new self-testing, resulting in individuals who are HIV+ getting on ART.