Blair Butterfield, Colony1

Blair Butterfield is looking to bring her vision of sustainability to life in Miami, Florida.

Located in an area lacking fresh fruit and vegetables, her free education center, called Colony1, will feature gardens, solar power, rain harvesting and will offer various workshops. All of the permits and plans that will go into the building of Colony1 will also be available to the public, so others can construct similar structures.

“Colony1 is all about sustainability. We believe in creating a culture where everyone can have a more symbiotic relationship with the earth,” Blair said. “We believe that most people are willing to make changes for their environment, but they just do not have access to the knowledge on how to do so. The whole point of Colony1 is to demonstrate that sustainability is possible and allow others to learn and replicate any piece of the facility they would like to.”

Funds from the Pollination Project will help purchase supplies for a sturdy fence to protect Colony1’s new garden.

For more information on Colony1, visit the website, Facebook page, Twitter and their Indiegogo page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 16, 2014