Benny and Leah – Northern Uganda Hiphop Culture (NUHC)

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Benny and Leah
Project Name: Northern Uganda Hiphop Culture (NUHC)
Grant Location: Kitgum, UGANDA

Project Description: Northern Uganda Hiphop Culture (NUHC) is a community-based organization that promotes youth empowerment, gender equality, and positive social change through creative arts. This project is working to establish a permanent space, a dedicated youth center, in Kitgum for young people to have access to resources essential to achieving their dreams. Through this project, youth are reminded that they have the potential to make a positive impact in this world by allowing them to transform their lives through their talents.

NUHC also conducts school and community outreaches, community service activities, income generating projects, and agricultural activities, as well as promotes youth-adult partnerships.