Becky Suzik of #MediaForJoy – The Joyfuel Kindcast is Spreading Kindness, Creativity & Joy

JOYFUeL is an emerging mixed-media force – a growing global community committed to sharing and promoting kindness, creativity and JOY in the world. We believe JOY is a birthright and we strive to become better guardians of our personal joy. Through our creative posts and the JOYFUeL Kindcast – our podcast series – we pose questions, share stories, and offer ideas and creative prompts that might add more JOY to our daily experience. Our world has a powerful possibility in social media, a great chance for people with unifying and joy-filled messages to connect and collaborate to uplift humans in their creativity and kindness. Now more than ever we need humans to remember the power of feeling joyful and creative so we can crosspollinate and co-create the solutions our hurting planet needs. JOYFUeL aspires to enrich our lives and expand our repertoire of simply being and taking actions towards activating greater JOY through experiences that do not necessarily require travel, consumption or spending money, to instead become more present where we are, use what we already have and respond to ourselves and others in kindness and creativity–all for JOY.

JOYFUeL is ours. No outright advertisers. No ulterior messages. Fueled by ideas, community generosity, and audacity, we influence our JOY through kindness, creativity, thinking and presence.

Now more than any time in history, human joy advocacy is important because we have never had so many human beings on our planet, and we have never needed us to awaken to what we are capable of for love and compassion. People activated in their own personal joy are more likely to be concerned about the joy of other people and the problems of our world, so by loving and lifting humans and celebrating what is possible for us with kindness and creativity, it’s a way of sending our love towards future generations of people. The work of JOYFUeL is to spark our growing community, to remind people of our abilities and imaginations, and promote joy activation and guardianship.

Thanks to the initial Global Kindness Grant I was able to purchase quality recording equipment that creates excellent sound quality recordings. I also learned how to produce and distribute the show using the internet. I was able to add functions to the JOYFUeL web site allowing listeners to interact with the show and record a message with a general comment, question or guest nomination, that we could include on a future broadcast if we choose to. It is really helping me to support and grow a wonderful community of people who are committed to guarding their joy. The JOYFUeL Kindcast has already grown significantly, using a hashtag and intention to be #mediaforjoy. This financial support has helped me more deeply explore how I can use my background in marketing and journalism to increase global joy, kindness and creativity through different media channels including the podcast and social media.

Being selected to receive funding affirmed to me that I’m not the only person who believes that money can be used for positive change. In a world bombarded with messages of inadequacies and comparisons, investing human energy and money to share and spread JOY, Kindness and Creativity truly is unifying and healing.

This impact grant is compelling me to seek many more ways to meaningfully develop and build community around the program and engage them to contribute to each show by sharing stories on our JoyLine ( ) and create a new opportunity for listeners to contribute by recording 5 to 10 minute interviews with inspiring people (youth and adults) doing things for kindness, creativity and joy. These contributors are called JoyCasters and I will support them in their production and submission of their segments. I will include them into future episodes so we have a diverse representation of people sharing stories and voices from around the world. l have heard from listeners with new ideas for episode topics and program guests.

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