Far Left, C. Golightly Executive Member/Lead Hair Stylist

Beautiful Givers Inc of Antelope Valley – Beautiful Givers Inc. Operation Beautiful Baby

Beautiful Givers Inc strives to impact issues concerning homelessness and vastly low- income populations in dire need of services to increase financial stability. Beautiful Givers Inc has created an empowerment-focus program for our youth and lower income demographic, by increasing access to common necessities to motivate and promote upward mobility. This approach consists of multiple services to include free baby showers, hair cuts, prom closets, hygiene items, and food services to prepare individuals to strive for success in their journey. We change the uniform of the individuals we serve externally when we demonstrate how to look professional, and impact the individuals internally when we give the tools necessary to learn how to become more confident within oneself. This program will not only impact the homeless, and vastly low-income individuals, but families and future generations to come.

As a member of the community that we serve, our motto – “Giving those that have fallen down a chance to get back up again” – encompass compassion and advocacy for individuals that need our help the most. This means that we shall support individuals whom strive for success that need assistance meeting their goals, and provide resources to promote a more supportive community.