Bashiri Iddy

Bashiri Iddy – Vegetable and Fruit Garden for Happy and Healthy Kids

Vegetable and Fruit Garden for Happy and Healthy Kids is an initiative created by Mr. Bashiri Iddy. Bashiri’s long-term vision is using school vegetable and fruit gardening (SVFG) as a tool to make learning fun while inspiring healthy lifestyles, promoting environmental care, and introducing an entrepreneurial mindset among school children in Mwanza.

This location has ben strategically selected as it is the only city in East Africa with a large portion of its land surrounded by Lake Victoria, Africa’s greatest lake and second largest in the world. The livelihood of most dwellers around the lake depend on fishery business however in a recent study conducted by Bashiri, it was revealed that many families face economic crisis in the area as a result of the current laws on fishing. This has since resulted in increased unemployment, divorce, migration, and decreased access to nutrition. The indirect impact has trickled down to the children’s education, performance, and health, as studied in the students at Mihama Primary School.

This project intends to establish a demonstration garden for students at the school, leading to gardening skills, access to fresh produce, and experience in pricing and distributing vegetables. Furthermore, the project intends to collaborate with science school teachers to form a garden club to support the practical learnings.