Barbara Jones, Laura W., Kelly M. (team) – Surviving Spouse Provisional Center

Date grant awarded: August 1, 2018

Barbara J. Jones is the founder of the nonprofit, Surviving Spouse Provisional Center, located in Atlanta, Georgia. She was inspired to start the organization after her husband of 40 years passed away suddenly, and she found herself in crisis. She needed financial and emotional support, but found that there were very few nonprofits targeting the needs of people in her circumstance. She decided to do something about that, and Surviving Spouse Provisional Center was born.

The nonprofit offers diverse services to their clients. Widows/Widowers/Partners are given both financial and/or emotional support to get them through their devastating loss. Surviving Spouse Provisional Center is grateful to The Pollination Project for enabling them to establish an aggressive marketing project, that will allow them to reach more clients, and also acquire more community partners for the nonprofit.