Azelya Yazzie - Feed Our People

Azelya Yazzie – Feed Our People

Feed Our People addresses the issue of reservations not having access to information about the importance of traditional foods. Feed Our People will address this issue by presenting at local Native American centers and reservations and provide helpful information to why our traditional foods are important. Also, these presentations will have information on how to grow traditional foods such as corn, beans, and squash. Along with the spreading the different opportunities that are available for Native American youth in agriculture. Feed Our People will teach Native youth to grow and cook their own food.

This work is important to me because I am Native American and I believe traditional foods are the key to resolving the diet-related diseases that Indian Country faces today, such as diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. I also believe that Native youth are the face of a better future for Indian Country. This work is important to me because I am passionate about engaging and mentoring Native youth. Along with empowering Native Americans through traditional foods and agriculture.

The initial grant allowed me to establish a logo and produce outreach materials such as stickers, pens, and shirts. I was also able to buy supplies in order to grow traditional foods to use for my presentation. This grant allowed me to serve the communities in which I worked with by allowing me to connect with youth through my presentations and through my outreach materials. It allowed me to spread knowledge about traditional agriculture to various audiences and to share the opportunities that involve youth in agriculture. These funds allowed me to accomplish my goals of reaching out to different Native centers and programs and present about the importance of our traditional foods.

Receiving this larger follow-up award will allow me to continue developing and growing my work by creating more outreach materials and develop a website that will reach more Native youth. This award will help me develop a website and further the design work of my label. The website will increase exposure to the information to Native centers and make presentation tools more accessible, along with the recipes, plant guides and gardening tips. This will also allow me to start social media accounts to document my presentations and spread information. I will coordinate with various Native groups at events and build regionally and networks across the state. Along with being able to increase my outreach materials and materials that will help me continue to grow traditional foods.

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