Aylam Orian, The National Animal Rights Day

National Animal Rights Day, brings attention to the rights of all animals.  We are particularly proud that this is one of the grants that we made in partnership with The Thinking Vegan.  They chose lead organizer for NARD, Aylam Orian, to receive this special grant award.

“The issues that NARD addresses are many, and one: all the forms of abuse we subject animals to, whether in the food industry, the clothing industry, vivisection labs, medical and cosmetic research, forced labor, religious institutions, animal shelters, and the sports and entertainment industries,” Aylam said. “This systematic well-oiled abuse, that also has severe impact on human health and the environment, goes on every day of the year, while its subjects – animals – have no institutionalized and legal enforceable rights to protect them.”

Like other NARD events, Aylam’s Los Angeles area event on May 31 will begin with activists holding the bodies of deceased animals in a visual tribute. The Declaration of Animal Rights, with thousands of signatures, will also be unfurled, with speakers, free vegan food and educational activities following.

For more information on NARD, visit the website, Twitter and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: May 12, 2014