Simi Olusola - AboCoders

Aspilos Charity & Development Foundation, AboCoders

Date grant awarded: 07/07/2017

Tech needs girls and girls need tech and girls in underserved locations definitely need tech!

This is why AboCoders exists. We work with young women in underserved locations in Nigeria especially the northern part of Nigeria, training the on digital literacy and programming. The skills these young women learn can empower them to be more enlightened, employable and positioned to start out as freelance techies or launch their own startups.

When a girl can use basic computer technology well, she can take advantage of it to make her life better and when she can code, she can do even more. This is what the AboCoders project offers to over 200 young women, and counting, from low income families who otherwise may never touch a computer in their entire lives.

AboCoders was conceptualized and is implemented by Aspilos Foundation which was founded by Simi Olusola