Ashley Busby, ArteSana Foundation

Ashley Busby is the founder of ArteSana Foundation, a non-profit that promotes permaculture practices through education, art, and resilience development in Nicaragua.

Since 2008, Ashley has been living and working in the small agricultural community of Peñas Blancas. Unfortunately, shifting global markets, climate change and reliance on imported seeds has created a situation of dependence and vulnerability for many agriculturalists in the area.

CREA is working with residents to chart a sustainable, alternative future to industrial mono-crop cultivation and foreign dependence through the creation of organic farms and an alternative school for the children of local farmers.

In their newest development project, the CREA Community Seed Library and Demonstration Greenhouse, they are support the development of a network of interdependent, self-sustainable local farmers growing organic, non-gmo produce.

The project “will strengthen a budding local trade-based economy, support regenerative agricultural practices, and provide food security in a fragile ecosystem that has been affected by a changing climate,” Ashley wrote.

For more information, please follow ArteSana Foundation on Twitter, or visit the organization’s website, Facebook, or Instagram page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 2, 2015