Arinolah Elizabeth-Nite Omollo, Help Single Mothers Meet their Financial and Psychological Needs

Date grant awarded: October 14, 2016

Being a single parent is difficult enough anywhere, but it is especially tough living as a single mother in Kenya, a country where cultural norms mean that women are treated as less than men. Economically and socially marginalized, and subject to abuse, these women face an uphill struggle as they try to raise their children and live their lives.

In Rongai, Kenya, Arinolah Omollo is working to support these women by giving them the skills and the platform that will allow them to be the architects of the solutions to the issues that they face. We learned about this project after East Africa Team Member Sitawa Wafula connected to Arinolah at a community event and learned more about their work.

As well as financial challenges, many single mothers encounter terribly stressful situations as they raise multiple children alone, face stigmatization, abuse, and, for some, live with HIV/AIDS. Living under such stress wears people down, and contributes to depression and mental health issues. A mental health advocate in Kenya, Sitawa quickly realized the power of these programs in supporting these women from a holistic perspective.

With the funds from this grant, Arinolah will host meetings and create support groups focusing on financial and psychological well-being that will help lift these women out of their current situations, and contribute to their ongoing wellness and success. By providing support systems and peer groups, this program ensures
that these women will no longer face these struggles alone.