Arianna Espinosa Oliver - Tres Cocos

Arianna Espinosa Oliver and Maria Leonor Hernandez,
Tres Cocos

Date grant awarded: 06/14/2017

Arianna Espinosa Oliver and Maria Leonor Hernandez are the founders of Tres Cocos, a non-profit organization that seeks to support socio-economic development and institutional capacity-building in the Caribbean region in Colombia.

By taking advantage of social media networks, Tres Cocos seeks to generate tools and contents that enable local stakeholders to play an effective role in policy making; develop an advanced understanding of public policies; and boost citizens’ interest and participation.

Our purpose is to overcome apathy and everydayness to rather focus on socio-economic analyses and debates of our region. We believe that citizens with access to independent and robust information have more possibilities to be engaged in policy making and oversight.