Anubhuti Mumbai - Raahi Youth Network

Anubhuti Mumbai – Raahi Youth Network

Raahi Youth Network is a network of youth leaders across Mumbai and Thane Districts in Maharashtra, India, who are taking responsibility for inclusive development in their areas. Anubhuti, an organization led by young women and founded by the visionary young leader Deepa Pawar, coordinates and mentors this network. The project is in answer to the severe discrimination, violence, and lack of development opportunities faced by youth who are deprived by their gender, caste, language, ethnicity and sexuality in India. It is based on a proven model of grassroots youth leadership implemented by Deepa over almost 18 years of work and experienced in her own life as she has brought about changes for girls’ and women’s rights in her community, which is one of the most vulnerable in India.

Youth who experience deprivations can by their own leadership solve these problems best, as well as lead change in fundamental socio-political issues which cause the problems. Youth leaders will be mentored to implement their own change-making projects, collaborate with existing stakeholders such as local leaders, campaigns, and government departments, and represent their areas in local governance. This project will build sense of social responsibility and encourage democratic participation among grassroots youth, create a much-needed support system, and encourage them to mentor other youth.