a project beneficiary (Faith Nyambura) working on the portion of land in Maragwa that has sweet potatoes that will be ready for harvesting in September.

Annie Ngugi, Raphael Omondi, Geoffrey M – Sweet Potato Drying

The Sweet Potato Drying project is a dream come true for Annie Ngugi. After watching crops go to waste in her rural home in Maragwa, north of Nairobi, Kenya, Annie was inspired to do something about this. The project is in its infancy stage, with volunteer farmers bringing their yields for small-scale sun drying.

The Maragwa region produces a lot of sweet potatoes, however since the crop is seasonal, it poses challenges of storage when the supplies surpass the demand. Annie’s vision serves the local community as it serves both as income from the farmers and addresses the communal nutritional need from the sweet potato flour. The grant from The Pollination Project will help purchase a drying machine that will help increase the output.