Trainings for representatives of the 5 families of the municipality of Piranhas, Alagoas, Brazil, who own Aqualuz on how to use it.

Anna Beserra, Letícia, Marcela e Lucas – Aqualuz

Aqualuz is a Brazilian device that helps to solve the problem of microbiological contamination of water from arid regions, which cause diseases such as diarrhea in children. Aqualuz acts as a water purification from the familiar Brazilian cistern, however with potential for future application to other countries with a hot climate. It works by using sunlight to disinfect the rainwater and make it fit for consumption.

It is a technology with many advantages, especially when compared to competitors, such as clay filter, chlorination, and water boiling, the main being, the durability and ease of maintenance. The Aqualuz was developed by young university graduates from the region.