Angeela Shrestha - Project Humane Nepal

Angeela Shrestha, Project Humane Nepal

Date grant awarded: 4/3/2017

Project Humane is first of its kind organization in Nepal, to impart dog-focused humane education. We conduct week-long educational workshops in schools encouraging children to have compassion towards stray dogs and discuss animal welfare issues.

After watching a shocking video of a street dog being brutally killed by a group of Nepalese Policemen in view of the public, Angeela Shrestha decided to work towards ending animal suffering, and thus Project Humane was founded.

We mentor students to become animal welfare ambassadors while reinforcing character development skills and teaching them to interact safely with dogs. The students take an active role in providing hope to animals in our community and thus prevent animal suffering. The aim of Project Humane is to eradicate the stereotypical abusive attitude towards stray dogs at its root by educating the younger generations.

Project Humane Nepal was awarded “New organisation of the Year” in 2016 by Help Animal India, in acknowledgement of our achievement, community impact, excellent teamwork and the potential for future growth.