Ana Karina Sandoval Cáceres - El Camino de la Flor de Lis Radio Program

Ana Karina Sandoval Cáceres, Nadia Morillo – El Camino de la Flor de Lis Radio Program

Date grant awarded: 08/05/2017

“El Camino de la Flor de Lis” is a radio program conducted by Hannah Karina Sandoval, Nadia Morillo and Maria Gracia Cavero in Lima, Peru. The program promotes physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. It also aims to support the well-being in people and promote human values ​​such as spirituality, vegetarianism, environmental protection and equal rights, among other issues.

The program is broadcast every Saturday from 9 to 10 am through Radio Latina, 990 AM or via the Web Site: The program is also shared through social networks.