Amy Villanueva

Amy Villanueva, Gabriella Villegas – Nurturing Infants and Care for the Underrepresented

Amy Villanueva founded NICU: Nurturing Infants and Care for the Underrepresented, with hopes of sharing her passion for female reproductive health as well as share her story. Amy’s triplet sisters were born prematurely, weighing in at approximately one pound each. After several months of hospital visits her sisters surpassed all expectations, which Amy and her family credit to the health professionals who demonstrated compassion to those they had no familial connection with. It is this compassion that encourages Amy to give back to her community and support others through volunteering.

NICU aims to provide care baskets for underrepresented families that are expecting to have a baby. These gift care baskets are filled with pre and post-natal gift care items. Founded at University of California, Berkeley, NICU targets families in the surrounding Bay Area. NICU is unique in the sense that they both provide a gift basket and build long-term relationships with families and connect them to other resources in the community so that they may have access to financial and personal need in the future. With the help of the Pollination Project, NICU will be able to donate baskets to up to 20 families. These baskets will truly impact the lives of many through basket donations and educating our local community on the importance of Maternal and Child Health.