Amy Bramlett, Hot Springs School District Dance Program

As the new dance teacher in Hot Springs, Arkansas, Amy Bramlett is working to build a program that teaches all students the historical, cultural, anatomic, cognitive, technical, and creative aspects of dance. Returning to her Alma Mater, she is excited to be back in the very halls where she dreamed of dancing all over the world and to spread her passion of dance to the youth of her own community.

Amy created the Hot Springs School District Dance Program Project for students from low-income and at-risk homes. Some of these students often live below the poverty line, live in homes where there is little or no parental support, may have special educational needs, or may be children of working class parents who would typically not have the financial resources to pay for their children to learn and study dance outside of school. She plans to provide the students with costumes, dance wear and shoes in order to inspire confidence, pride, and integrity.

“I feel very fortunate to have been able to study dance despite my family’s low income, and believe that it is my life goal to bring all of my experiences and knowledge to the future generations because dance can mold them into respectful and responsible citizens of the community and world,” Amy said.

To learn more about Hot Springs School District Dance Program Project, check out their Instagram, and Facebook page.

GRANT AWARD DATE: November 23, 2014