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Amos Kitunga, Reforestation Through Fruit Tree Gardening

Amos Kitunga is fighting deforestation and childhood malnutrition in the rural community of Machakos, Kenya.

As a young student, Amos would often pick wild growing fruits from trees lining the roads on his way to school. These snacks were viewed as a luxury, but in reality, they provided Amos and other children with essential vitamins and minerals absent from their normal diets.

In the past few years, most of the fruit trees in Machakos have been harvested for fuel and building materials. Additionally, because many people cannot afford fruit, local farmers refuse to plant trees. The loss of valuable nutritional resources and forest ground-cover has resulted in high regional rates of vitamin deficiencies and rapid desertification.

Through his project, Amos will rally youth from his village to support the construction of a local fruit tree garden containing oranges, bananas, paw paws, and much more. The garden will motivate youth throughout the community to establish similar projects aimed at combating both environmental degradation while providing them with a nutritious food supply.

2015 YOUTH ENVIRONMENTAL GRANT RECIPIENT in Partnership With Levi Strauss & Co.

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