Amito Susan Oryem, Promotion of Arts and Crafts for Rural Women Development

Date grant awarded: 1/27/2017

After a chance meeting at a community development group where he was presenting about the Pollination Project grant opportunities, East Africa Hub Member Jimmy Amone travelled to a small village in Northern Uganda to see the work of Atute Ki Cinga (“I struggle with my hands”) Women’s Group.

A small group, comprised largely of widows, these women are faced with the difficult task of providing for themselves and their families during a difficult period where climate conditions have limited their ability to successfully farm the land.

Together, they have developed their skills in clay modeling and now sell decorated pots to generate income for the group. Jimmy says that he is inspired by their skills, initiative, and organization, and is proud to be able to offer them a grant for their work. You can watch Jimmy’s video about the group here.