Amit Arora - Manuring It!

Amit Arora – Manuring It!

Date grant awarded: 08/04/2017

Manuring It! is a mobile-enabled production and renting model for organic manure and modern farm tools in the poorest rural areas of India.

Entrepreneur Amit Arora is developing a digital platform to make inputs accessible for farmers in unirrigated areas. Poor farmers who cannot buy organic manure and certified seeds due to their high cost and the need for modern heavy equipment can use this platform for affordable purchasing and renting. This will enable small-scale farmers to avoid the trap of middlemen who sell inputs and rent equipment for a high cost on the condition of buying the farmers’ produce a return.

Amit employs landless farmers to make organic manure and indigenous seeds in their own homes, creating employment for nearly 100 individuals in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar and Jharkhand states. With this grant, he will start a new production cluster in Jamui district of Bihar, India.