Aminateh Nkemngu

Aminateh Nkemngu, Improving Toilet Hygiene For Women Fishmongers And Teenage Girls Along The Coast Of South West Cameroon

Date grant awarded: 07/01/2017

Aminateh Nkemngu is a Cameroonian Development Journalist and Founder/CEO of The Community Initiative For Development Communication (CODEC-Cameroon).

CODEC-Cameroon is a community social mobilization platform assisting local peoples and communities in having adequate access to information and knowledge to drive and sustain their own development through education, training, and advocacy to eliminate socially unjust practices that lead to poverty.

Together with local volunteers and partners, CODEC-Cameroon is working to improve toilet hygiene for women fishmongers and teenage girls along the coast of Limbe, in South West Cameroon.

The lack of clean and safe toilets has led to open defecation, difficulties for young girls and women in managing their menstruation, widespread hygiene related diseases and smoking of fish under insanitary conditions for consumption by millions of people.